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OUTLANDER’S BRAVE NEW WORLD: Season 4 Marks a Deeper, Richer Jamie/Claire Love Story

                                           “Don’t you know how small a thing death is between us?…                          When my body dies, my soul will still be yours. Nothing is lost, Sassenach, only changed.” Full disclosure. This is my first Droughtlander experience as a TV writer, When I came to Outlander a year ago, I […]


Why Diana Gabaldon Objects to Calling Outlander [Just] a Romance: Part 2 from the Outlander DVD Sneak Peek Event

The Outlander Season 3 DVD Sneak Peek Event, heralding today’s release date, lasted a little over an hour, but author Diana Gabaldon and Executive Producer/Writer Toni Graphia, led by Entertainment Weekly’s Maureen Lee Lenker, were very forthcoming on a variety of subjects, including one subject that is, indeed, stymying—how do […]


Reveals from the Outlander Emmy Panel: How Caitriona Really Got the Job, Who Knows What About Ghost Jamie, Stolen Souvenirs and the Murtagh Dilemma

Sunday, March 18, Los Angeles—Just before the Outlander panel is about to begin, an announcement comes over the PA system inside Hollywood’s Linwood Dunn Theater: “Will the person who owns the white SUV, license plate number xxxx, please return to your car. You left the motor running.” This makes perfect […]