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DISH MAGAZINE, Senior TV Editor, 2000-2016

What’s Good For Fall This Season: Most Intriguing New Shows, September 2001

Band of Brothers: Then & Now Lest We Forget. December 2001

Talking with Band of Brothers’ Damian Lewis, December 2001

Uncovering Undercover Videos, June 2002

What’s on TV: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of New Fall Shows, October 2002

Terri’s Best Bets for Fall 2002, December 2002

New Names New Faces, New Shows, November 2003

The Amazing Race: From Romania toTanzania, Who’s Going to Win, July 2004

What’s Hot & What’s (Not) So Hot on TV This Fall, September 2004

Sex in the Suburbs: Desperate Housewives’ Marc Cherry, Marcia Cross and Jamie Denton, February 2005

Paula Abdul On the Heartbreak of American Idol, April 2005

It’s TV Season Finale Time:The Winners,The Cliffhangers & Sad Goodbyes, May 2005

What’s Hot & What’s Not for Fall, August 2005 and November 2005

Binge TV Watching: It’s On When You Say It’s On, August 2016

TVWORTHWATCHING.COM, Contributor, 2010-2015

The Olympic Games from the POV of Having Been There, February 2010

Bawdy Betty, Wicked Ricky, & Other Random Emmy Notes, August 2010

Fall TV: Why It’s Bad, But Also What’s Good, September 2010

“Raymond” in Moscow: A Cold War Chill, Sitcom Style, April 2011

Visiting “So You Think They Can Dance” (LA Auditions): “You’ve Got to Land the Plane,” May 2011

So You Think They Can Talk, June 2011

First & Second Impressions of Some New & Returning Fall Shows, October 2011

In “Boss,” Kelsey Grammar Breaks New Ground but is Surrounded by the Familiar, October 2011

If Only “Grimm” Wasn’t, October 2011

Ripping Yarns: “Whitechapel” Extends Jack the Ripper’s Dramatic Killing Streak, November 2011

How “Hell on Wheels” Rolled Over Me, November 2011

Cesar Millan Talks to the Animals and Us, January 2012

The Most Human Moments at the Most Unexpected Times, January 2012

Get “Happy” Via Television, February 2012

NBC’s “Bent” Has Potential, March 2012

A Second Look Provides Just the Right “Touch”, March 2012

HBO’s “Veep”: Four More Years, April 2012

Showtime Laughs at Tragedy, While NBC’s “BFF” Wonders Whether to Wax, April 2012

NBC’s Going Back to the Well, August 2015