MOVIEPASS: See a Movie A Day for A Lot Less Than Full Price

Today my MoviePass came in the mail, a Christmas present from my niece and her husband. They asked if I’d be interested in the card that would allow me to see one movie (standard 2D) a day for the next year.

My thoughtful family members purchased the membership for me at COSTCO, which offers an even better discounted deal—$89.99 for the year, instead of $9.95 per month at MoviePass—but I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to snag that offer. With movies in my neck of the woods up to $18 for the ticket alone, this is a real savings and makes going to the movies more affordable.

Why would theaters participate? It seems that MoviePass is actually paying them for the tickets. For the full scoop on the program, the pros and the cons, check this out:

I didn’t know a lot about the program, but once I checked out which movie theaters near me were participating, and discovered that all of them were (you check that by entering your zipcode on the MoviePass site), I was in. With this dandy debit card in hand, I simply download the MoviePass app, go to the theater and use said app to check in to a movie and showtime, and then I purchase my ticket with the card.

I’ll be trying it out over the next few weeks, so watch this space to see how it goes.


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